iPad Speakers Reviews

If you were to check out some of the best written iPad speakers reviews you would easily realize why there are so many people arguing about what the best speakers are. And the irony is that everyone is debating about whether the Philips Fidelio speakers are better than the Logitech sound or that the Satechi are just good enough and cheap enough to be deemed the best. But the truth is that they are not really seeing that they are fighting over apples and oranges because, while some people prefer to enjoy perfectly clear, high definition sounds, other just want to be able to pick up their iPad, relax by the seaside or at the bottom of a ski slope and just listen to the iPad with their friends so they value portability of high definition.

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So it follows as only natural that most of the iPad speakers reviews that are oriented towards finding the best sound quality that would match the crystal clear perfect image that the iPad creates will exult the qualities of the iLuv speaker system. That is because it provides one of the best sound experiences possible with a deeply charged bass system that is contrasted by the high pitch of the two speakers on the side of the subwoofer. And while there are other speaker systems that are equally cumbersome that provide an even better listening experience the iLuv speakers are also quite cheap and they double as a comfortable stand that also charges the iPad. So they do provide the whole package and an exceptional user experience at a fraction of the cost.

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However there are others who write their iPad speakers reviews from the point of view of the minimalist who just needs a better sound experience while on the go. So, for them the Logitech tablet speaker is the perfect solution because it provides just enough decibels to make any user happy while the quality of the sound is a definite improvement on the native iPad speakers. Of course they do not sound as good as the iLuv speakers but they do have a battery life of over 8 hours and they can be clipped on the side of any iPad. So they can be the perfect solution for anyone who is on the go but still wishes to retain the possibility to entertain their friends or their travel companions.

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And there are those who have gone even a step further and are looking at things like the Satechi speakers as the ultimate solution. These speakers are just big enough to provide those extra decibels but are so small as to be fitted in a pocket. They provide a decent amount of sound quality but they do not add any bulk to the iPad itself. In fact they can connect to any audio device that that has a 3.5 audio jack so they are not just small but are extremely versatile and they are one of the few devices that cross the barrier between iOS fans and Android, so they are not the focus of only iPad speakers reviews but also Android and Blackberry users will enjoy them just as much.

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